Specimen Collection and Shipping Supplies


To order supplies for the Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology please complete the form below.


Specimen Supplies

/ EachFormalin Specimen Bottles (20ml bottles; 32/box)

/ EachFormalin Specimen Bottles (60ml bottles; 32/box)

/ EachRequisition Forms

/ EachExtra Large Specimen Bags (18"x18")

/ EachSpecimen Bags (25/roll)

/ EachDry Specimen Nail Bags (100/Pack)

/ EachImmunofluorescent Kits (Each Kit Contains 5 Immuno Bottles, Reqs And Bags)

/ EachSpecimen Jar Labels

/ EachSpecimen Log Book

/ EachLockbox

/ EachLockbox Keys

Shipping Supply List

/ EachAirbills (Fed-Ex Billable stamps)

/ EachClinical Paks

Shipping Container Kits (For Fed-Ex)

/ EachSmall Kit (1 Container Per Box)

/ EachMedium Kit (1 Container Per Box)

/ EachLarge Kit (2 Containers Per Box)