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Your doctor removed skin tissue that was sent to Institute for Podiatric Pathology, a Dermpath Diagnostics practice for diagnosis. Unlike most laboratory tests, diagnosing your skin tissue is not another automated laboratory test. Our board-certified dermatopathologists, doctors who specialize in the microscopic diagnosis of skin disorders, partner with your doctor to provide a personalized and consultative service. This includes analyzing the medical information submitted by your doctor in conjunction with our observations of your skin tissue, hair and nailsĀ under the microscope. Our continuing commitment to your doctor is to deliver a definitive and accurate diagnosis so that he or she can continue providing the highest possible level of care to you, the patient.

Please note that our fees are in addition to those charged by your doctor who performed the skinĀ specimen removal. Institute for Podiatric Pathology, a Dermpath Diagnostics practice will submit charges for our services to your primary and secondary insurers using the billing and insurance information provided to us by your doctor’s office. Since your doctor does not receive detailed information about our dermatopathology billing, inquiries concerning our fees should be directed to our Patient Services Department.

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Pompano Beach, FL 1.800.330.6770
Atlanta, GA 1.866.532.0087
Port Chester, NY 1.800.942.3376
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