Dermpath Diagnostics’ Institute for Podiatric Pathology, was established specifically to serve the needs of physicians of the lower extremity. Our board-certified dermatopathologists are among the nation’s foremost authorities on the topic of podiatric skin, soft tissue and bone pathology.We pride ourselves on our contributions to education and support for the podiatric profession on a local, regional and national level and thank podiatrist nation-wide for making that support possible.

Dermpath Diagnostics has developed a system of clear and concise reporting that combines podiatric, dermatologic and orthopedic terminology. Comments are often added to better explain the pathologic process in hand and to guide subsequent therapy. This detailed reporting includes color photomicrographs and reports tailored to the needs of the podiatric physician.

Other standout features include

  • All cases reviewed by board-certified dermatopathologists
  • Numerous contracts with national, regional and local health insurance providers
  • Dermatopathologists routinely available for phone consultation
  • Gratis quarterly newsletters highlighting interesting cases
  • Customized podiatric requisition form
  • Prepaid traceable express mail options
  • Histopathologic images on all reports
  • Rapid 24-48 hour in-house turnaround time
  • In-house PAS reaction and a wide spectrum of histochemical tests
  • Specialization in bone and soft tissue