MelaNodal Predict™ now available!

Help identify melanoma patients who have a low risk for nodal metastasis

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Powering definitive diagnoses for patients with insights from our network of luminaries

With personalized skin diagnostics services and expert guidance through our collaboration network of board-certified dermatopathologists, Dermpath Diagnostics can help you confidently determine the optimal treatment plan for each patient.

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Supported by a broad test menu

Dermpath Diagnostics supports you and your patients through every stage of their journey. Our comprehensive menu of traditional and advanced diagnostics is built to help make informed diagnoses and therapeutic decisions. It includes special stains, comprehensive genomic profiling, and melanoma nodal metastasis risk analysis, among others.

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Excellence from a single, trusted partner

We support definitive diagnoses with prompt, actionable results, helping to instill peace of mind that each patient is on the optimal treatment plan.

Image of - Single-source solution

Single-source solution

Access comprehensive skin diagnostic services—including dermatopathology and advanced testing—from a single, trusted partner.

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Quick, conclusive answers

Gain clear insights provided by a team of 75+ dermatopathologists board-certified in dermatology or anatomic pathology.

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Accessible expertise

Consistent turnaround time gets the answers you need, when you need them, with direct access to 1-on-1 consultations from a network of diverse experts.

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Light the way to your patient’s optimal treatment path with a network of luminaries in personalized skin diagnostics.
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