Order Supplies

Specimen Collection and Shipping Supplies

Order Supplies

Specimen Supplies

Formalin Bottles - 20ml

Formalin Bottles - 40ml

Formalin Bottles - 60ml

Immunoflourescence Bottles (Michele's Fixative)

Sterile Nail Culture Tubes (For Fungal Cultures)

Small Biohazard-Bags (For Specimens/Paperwork)

Large Biohazard-Bags (Aka Courier Bags: For Containing Multiple Small Bio-Bags)

Fedex Shipping Kits (Each Kit Includes 1 Of Each: Container W/Lid, Box, Shipping Bag, & Fedex Airbill)

Lab Requisitions

Specimen Verification Forms (To be included with each batch of specimens sent)

FedEx Supplies
As part of our dermatopathology service, The Dermatopathology Laboratory covers all FedEx costs.