Specimen collection and shipping supplies


To order supplies for Dermpath Diagnostics Arizona please complete the form below.


    Specimen Supplies

    / EachBox Formalin Bottles - 20 mL

    / Each Biohazard Bags - 6'' x 9''


    / ream (500) Requisition – Single Part

    / ream (500) Requisition - 2 Part (Carbonized)

    Shipping Supplies

    / EachSpecimen Shipping Canister

    Please call us at 520-320-7681 or 800-303-9859 x102 if you have any additional requests.
    FedEx Supplies
    Please contact FedEx directly to order Preprinted FedEx Airbills and Large Clinical Paks (shipping envelopes). You can order online by clicking on the link below or by calling FedEx’s customer service at 1-800-Go-FedEx. As part of our dermatopathology service,
    Dermpath Diagnostics covers all FedEx costs.

    Order FedEx Supplies Website