Specimen Collection and Shipping Supplies


The Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology in New York City was founded by A. Bernard Ackerman, M.D. and AmeriPath, Inc. in 1999. Now under the direction of Drs. Ying Guo and Patricia Heller, the Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology continues to be a full-service diagnostic dermatopathology laboratory of the highest caliber as well as the largest and most widely known training facility for dermatopathology.


    Shipper Kits

    / Each(APSK04) Extra Large Shipper Kit 2/Case(Holds up to 50 20ml bottles)

    / Each(APSK03) Large Shipper Kit 18/Case(Holds 16-20 20ml bottles)

    / Each(APSK02) Medium Shipper Kit 18/Case(Holds 8-10 20ml bottles)

    / Each(APSK01) Small Shipper Kit 18/Case(Holds 4-6 20ml bottles)

    Collection Media/Tubes

    / Each16oz Plastic Container

    / EachUrine Cups

    / EachFrozen Cups

    / EachMichels Fixative (Immunofluorescence)

    / EachStarswab (Bacterial Culture) Large With Charcoal (Black Top)

    / EachStarswab (Bacterial Culture) Large Without Charcoal (Blue Top)

    / EachStarswab (Bacterial Culture) Small (Orange Top)

    / EachM4 Media (Viral Culture)

    / EachTissue Transport Media (Flow Cytometry)

    Histology Supplies

    / Each120ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    / Each90ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    / Each40ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    / Each20ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    Client Supplies

    / EachPlastic Bags Dermpath 50/roll

    / EachDermpath Rolodex Card

    / EachSupply Request Pads

    / EachInsurance Managed Care List

    / Each

    Printer Toner Type

    Printer Toner Color

    / EachActinic Keratosis Brochure 25/pack

    / EachBasal Cell Brochure 25/pack

    / EachSquamous Cell Brochure 25/pack

    / EachMelanoma Brochure 25/pack

    / EachLockbox - Small and Large Hanging

    MSDS Forms

    / EachMSDS Form for 10% nBF

    Miscellaneous Lab Supplies

    / EachSingle Slide Holders

    / EachDouble Slide Holders

    / EachMultiple Slide Holders (Holds 5 slides)

    / EachSlide Folders (Holds 20 Slides)

    / EachLabels for Specimen Bottles

    Requisition Forms

    / EachDerm Requisition

    / EachLabel Requisition

    / EachAdvance Beneficiary Notice

    / EachABN Instructions

    / EachPatient Notification Forms

    / EachLaminated Derm Requisition Forms

    / EachSpecimen Log Books

    FedEx Supplies

    / EachAir Bills

    / EachSmall Clinical Paks

    / EachLarge Clinical Paks