Specimen Collection and Shipping Supplies


Dermpath Diagnostics Central Florida is a full-service diagnostic dermatopathology laboratory of the highest caliber as well as the largest and most widely known training facility for dermatopathology.

    Shipper Kits

    / Each(APSK04) Extra Large Shipper Kit 2/Case(Holds up to 50 20ml bottles)

    / Each(APSK03) Large Shipper Kit 18/Case(Holds 16-20 20ml bottles)

    / Each(APSK02) Medium Shipper Kit 18/Case(Holds 8-10 20ml bottles)

    / Each(APSK01) Small Shipper Kit 18/Case(Holds 4-6 20ml bottles)

    Collection Media/Tubes

    / Each16oz Plastic Container

    / EachUrine Cups

    / EachFrozen Cups

    / EachMichels Fixative (Immunofluorescence)

    / EachStarswab (Bacterial Culture) Large With Charcoal (Black Top)

    / EachStarswab (Bacterial Culture) Large Without Charcoal (Blue Top)

    / EachStarswab (Bacterial Culture) Small (Orange Top)

    / EachM4 Media (Viral Culture)

    / EachTissue Transport Media (Flow Cytometry)

    Histology Supplies

    / Each120ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    / Each90ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    / Each40ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    / Each20ml Bottles 10% NB Formalin

    Client Supplies

    / EachPlastic Bags Dermpath 50/roll

    / EachDermpath Rolodex Card

    / EachSupply Request Pads

    / EachInsurance Managed Care List

    / Each

    Printer Toner Type

    Printer Toner Color

    / EachActinic Keratosis Brochure 25/pack

    / EachBasal Cell Brochure 25/pack

    / EachSquamous Cell Brochure 25/pack

    / EachMelanoma Brochure 25/pack

    / EachLockbox - Small and Large Hanging

    MSDS Forms

    / EachMSDS Form for 10% nBF

    Miscellaneous Lab Supplies

    / EachSingle Slide Holders

    / EachDouble Slide Holders

    / EachMultiple Slide Holders (Holds 5 slides)

    / EachSlide Folders (Holds 20 Slides)

    / EachLabels for Specimen Bottles

    Requisition Forms

    / EachDerm Requisition

    / EachLabel Requisition

    / EachAdvance Beneficiary Notice

    / EachABN Instructions

    / EachPatient Notification Forms

    / EachLaminated Derm Requisition Forms

    / EachSpecimen Log Books

    FedEx Supplies

    / EachAir Bills

    / EachSmall Clinical Paks

    / EachLarge Clinical Paks